Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello my darlings! I am a YouTube Beauty Guru with the username: MakeUpWithSky. I am OBSESSED with all things Beauty! I enjoy shopping at Sephora, Mac, and Ulta alot! I also enjoy shopping at drugstores, such as Target, Walgreens, Wal-mart, and much more!! I started my YouTube channel on January 7, 2011! Ever since then, YouTube has become a HUGE part of my life. When I film videos, and do makeup, it's something that I LOVE doing, and I know I will enjoy doing it for the rest of my life.(not literally, when I'm old...I might not be the best makeup artist) lol. But I know that it's something I have a passion for, and I'm glad I started...I love taking time to film and edit videos, and talk to you guys! I also love sharing my tips and techniques with you all, to help you in the makeup world as well! This blog is filled with beauty, fashion, and soooooooo much more fun stuff! Feel free to browse through my Blog, and get a closer look into my life!

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  1. Hi Sky, I just found out about your channel today & fell in love with it!! =D You're videos are really easy & simple to follow, I shared them with all my friends as soon as I watch your middle school video. I'm 20 & can see that you're just gonna get better & better at what you're doing now =)
    I wanted to ask will you ever start posting your looks on your blog or do step by step pictures of how you got the look bc I find that super helpful when I don't have fast wifi to watch a video, but can easily go to the blog & copy the steps~

  2. Hey Sky! I really love your youtube videos i subscribed about 2 weeks ago and I can't wait for some of your new videos. 2 of my favs from you are your spring break volg and your middle school makeup video. :) Im in middle school (6th grade) and that really helped me alot! be sure to check out my youtube channel my username is: PrincessNy. But, I have no videos yet. And your my inspiration on youtube and makeup/beauty thank yo so much!